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So, this Dean Saxton fellow is great

Hmm. Other titles I considered for this entry included:

* “Hey fellas, here’s one way to ensure you never have sex”

* “hoochy bodicon dress ≠  asking for rape”

* “Check out this motherfucker.”


Guess which one was my favorite. Alright, so today I read about this asshat, Dean

Yup. It says that.

Saxton, a student at UA and self-proclaimed “street preacher” who decided (…)

Condoms, Chlamydia and Consent!

Hey y’all. So, in my tired stupor last night, I didn’t realize I could fix my upload issue with a simple change in the YouTube settings.

So, as I had said before I had held myself back from writing about the whole Steubenville rape story because I felt that my anger about the whole thing prevented me from talking about sexual (…)