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We should all be feminists. Yeah, you too.

So last week I was alerted by a few different people about this new article  with women listing reasons why they didn’t need feminism. Pretty much immediately, the thread on one of the posts exploded with angry comments from my friends. I decided that while I would indeed do something with this as requested, I needed to wait until the day I (…)

An amazing call to action for men (from a man!)

If you’re a dude you should watch this. Period.

I think one of the most powerful points he made for me was about the language we use and how that informs our privilege. When we hear about gender, or race, or sexual orientation, we automatically hear women, black, or gay. This is what it means to have privilege. Men don’t see (…)

Souvenirs and Swag

This is pretty much an introduction into the various blogs I’ll be writing inspired by my trip to CLPP (pronounced “clip”). See what I did there?

Get an idea for what is to come as I go through all my fun CLPP swag, stuff like fake clinics, my thoughts on mainstream porn, reproductive rights and religion, abortion as a historical practice, (…)

Cupid’s Chokehold (and being a Violent Femme)

I was supposed to go to dinner with some of my work ladies tonight, but plans fell through. No yummy Japanese food after all! So instead I accidental napped; planned thirty minute nap turned into five hour nap which is fine because I probably needed the sleep.

In any case, I decided to spend the rest of my waking night reading (…)

Simone de Beauvoir

Another video for Women’s History Month, this time highlighting Simone de Beauvoir.

If I seem to be lacking energy or sound funny,  or look exhausted, it’s because I’m sick, but I really wanted to update this!

Happy Tuesday!

International Women’s Day

I have to admit, I am utterly unprepared to write about this. I completely forgot what today was, and I’ve been going since 5:00am. But I woke up to so many amazing suggestions about different women I should highlight, and different people thought of me and even sent me random texts wishing me “Happy International Women’s Day!” and I feel (…)

Oh, T-Swizzle

Drinking my morning coffee, and browsing the internets this morning, as I shamelessly avoided writing something of substance (about Dying with Dignity, coming soon), I came across this hilarious post about Taylor Swift hating on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

They joked around about her love life at the Emmys, as she’s a celebrity that type of stuff is fair game.


Stop pointing fingers, you both suck.

I write this today after just reading this article about Bombshell McGee. Mainly this quote:

“I’m not a homewrecker,” McGee told E! News. “I did not break up their marriage. I thought I was dating a separated man. … I don’t believe I destroyed their marriage. Jesse destroyed their marriage. My message to Jesse would be, ‘Jesse, if you just were (…)