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Souvenirs and Swag

This is pretty much an introduction into the various blogs I’ll be writing inspired by my trip to CLPP (pronounced “clip”). See what I did there?

Get an idea for what is to come as I go through all my fun CLPP swag, stuff like fake clinics, my thoughts on mainstream porn, reproductive rights and religion, abortion as a historical practice, (…)

CLPP: Initial Reflections

Hello! I’m happy to report that as I’m typing this, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and it is just over all a wonderful day.

I came back from CLPP very late Sunday night, feeling positively overwhelmed. Positively. My heart feels completely full. My brain is fluttering with ideas; there is so much to write about. Despite the cost and (…)

Full Circle

Wow. Almost exactly three years ago I was in this exact position, about to talk about the same thing. Of course I’m a little bit older, and I absolutely feel a lot wiser.

I’m at Hampshire College for the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference (CLPP)¬† which is all about reproductive freedom, social¬† justice, and sexual rights.

Three years later, Ashley (…)