A Word About Bill Cosby (but mostly words about rape culture)

Before we begin with the subject at hand, full disclosure, I have never been a fan of Bill Cosby. I’m not okay with a bunch of the racist stuff that he’s said

It took a lot of willpower to not use a rude meme here.

over the years that completely ignores systemic, institutionalized racism and blames black culture for inequality.  I’m especially (…)

Well here is another reason to shop ModCloth


“Work in Finesse” dress, one of my favorite ModCloth purchases.

For the last few years I’ve been positively obsessed with all things ModCloth, a fashion company with one of its headquarters in my own city of Pittsburgh. Thanks to ModCloth, every single day I can successfully channel Joan from Mad Men, or my personal fashion soul mate, Zooey Deschanel. As (…)

Date Rape Changy Nail Polish?

Alright, by now a lot of people of heard about Undercover Colors, the nail polish that change color when they come into contact with date rape drugs. “The first fashion company empowering women to prevent sexual assault.”  At first, I felt excited, because anytime someone acknowledges that sexual assault is a big deal and a reality for many women, it’s (…)


I’ve made an unapologetic video with my commentary and thoughts on posts I saw on social media in reaction to Robin William’s death, depression, and suicide.

I feel strongly about this, and I was pretty nervous at first as you can tell in the first few minutes; this was something I didn’t want to wing or take lightly. Despite apprehension, I felt (…)

All Hail Queen Bey



That would be Beyonce, one of the most bankable, influential women in the world right now, at the very mainstream VMA’s, standing in front of the word FEMINIST in giant white lights.

That’s all. 🙂


Can Katy Perry please catch on next?

It is almost embarrassing how excited I felt after reading this article about Taylor Swift. I’ve been annoyed by Taylor for ages now, despite feeling a certain kinship that I wrote about a few years ago. Her new video was an eye roller to me, what with the whole perpetuating racist stereotypes about black women’s sexuality; crawling under them as they twerked (…)

Today in “I Can’t Even”

In doing research for my next video, which will be about depression, suicide, and the stigma around mental health, I stumbled upon something else that was depressing. About a year ago, 16 year old AJ Betts Jr. killed himself. This was after a year or so of being outed as gay and getting bullied, constantly. And fuck all, we haven’t (…)

We should all be feminists. Yeah, you too.

So last week I was alerted by a few different people about this new article  with women listing reasons why they didn’t need feminism. Pretty much immediately, the thread on one of the posts exploded with angry comments from my friends. I decided that while I would indeed do something with this as requested, I needed to wait until the day I (…)