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Incels are the New Nice Guys?

*Before we jump in*

I haven’t written on this website in a very long time, and while it’s true that I’ve genuinely been very busy these last couple years with my job, I’ve also become much more aware of my privilege and some blinders that I’ve had in respect to that, and I’ve had trouble in thinking about how to move (…)


I’ve made an unapologetic video with my commentary and thoughts on posts I saw on social media in reaction to Robin William’s death, depression, and suicide.

I feel strongly about this, and I was pretty nervous at first as you can tell in the first few minutes; this was something I didn’t want to wing or take lightly. Despite apprehension, I felt (…)

We should all be feminists. Yeah, you too.

So last week I was alerted by a few different people about this new article  with women listing reasons why they didn’t need feminism. Pretty much immediately, the thread on one of the posts exploded with angry comments from my friends. I decided that while I would indeed do something with this as requested, I needed to wait until the day I (…)

Souvenirs and Swag

This is pretty much an introduction into the various blogs I’ll be writing inspired by my trip to CLPP (pronounced “clip”). See what I did there?

Get an idea for what is to come as I go through all my fun CLPP swag, stuff like fake clinics, my thoughts on mainstream porn, reproductive rights and religion, abortion as a historical practice, (…)

Marriage Equality

Exhausted, got home around 11 tonight, but this is such a huge day for equal rights and I wanted to make sure I did my part. I care so much about marriage equality and we really have power to make this happen.

Below are links to some amazing organizations fighting for marriage equality, learn how you can help!

Human Rights Campaign

Marriage Equality (…)

Condoms, Chlamydia and Consent!

Hey y’all. So, in my tired stupor last night, I didn’t realize I could fix my upload issue with a simple change in the YouTube settings.

So, as I had said before I had held myself back from writing about the whole Steubenville rape story because I felt that my anger about the whole thing prevented me from talking about sexual (…)

Simone de Beauvoir

Another video for Women’s History Month, this time highlighting Simone de Beauvoir.

If I seem to be lacking energy or sound funny,  or look exhausted, it’s because I’m sick, but I really wanted to update this!

Happy Tuesday!