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Texan or not, don’t mess with women’s health!

*Hey, I finally updated my author page!

As promised, I’m writing more about what took place in the Texas legislature last week. I regret not posting this sooner, but work is occupying a lot (most) of my time these days!

I’ve spent time poring over a bunch of articles I’ve read about the topic, and I’m amazed at how much I’m simultaneously (…)

Some good news. . .

After the previous director of the program was himself arrested on charges of sexual assault (meh), a new woman has taken over the position. Wooh!


Tomorrow night I’ll be posting about Plan B, so stay tuned 🙂

Sunday morning

I’m running through my Sunday morning ritual of drinking coffee and web surfing when I find this gem about Katy Perry and Chief Keef.

A few days ago Katy tweeted “Just heard a new song on the radio called ‘I hate being sober’ I now have serious doubt for the world.”

Apparently Keef is super sensitive, and angry, and, you know, hates (…)

ObamaCare in 90 Seconds

Republicans have wasted millions by trying to reverse Obamacare 37 times. What are they fighting against?


You can judge a society by how it treats their most vulnerable citizens, and this will help to ensure that all Americans get the care they deserve by having access to AFFORDABLE healthcare. Also, it will reduce the deficit, and force insurance companies to compete (…)

An amazing call to action for men (from a man!)

If you’re a dude you should watch this. Period.

I think one of the most powerful points he made for me was about the language we use and how that informs our privilege. When we hear about gender, or race, or sexual orientation, we automatically hear women, black, or gay. This is what it means to have privilege. Men don’t see (…)

Madam President, has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

So, EMILY’s List rolled out a new campaign, “Madam President,” working to get a woman in the white house.  The video for the campaign is pretty amazing.

If you aren’t familiar with EMILY’s List,  it’s an organization that works to promote pro-choice, Democratic women, and get them into elected office. If we are to have our issues addressed, it is imperative (…)

So, this Dean Saxton fellow is great

Hmm. Other titles I considered for this entry included:

* “Hey fellas, here’s one way to ensure you never have sex”

* “hoochy bodicon dress ≠  asking for rape”

* “Check out this motherfucker.”


Guess which one was my favorite. Alright, so today I read about this asshat, Dean

Yup. It says that.

Saxton, a student at UA and self-proclaimed “street preacher” who decided to (…)

CLPP: Initial Reflections

Hello! I’m happy to report that as I’m typing this, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and it is just over all a wonderful day.

I came back from CLPP very late Sunday night, feeling positively overwhelmed. Positively. My heart feels completely full. My brain is fluttering with ideas; there is so much to write about. Despite the cost and (…)


Alright. I saw this video a week or so ago and need to share because it is totally rad.


So yeah. I mentioned this in my initial video about this topic, but let me reiterate. Consent is NOT the absence of no, but the presence of yes. A person cannot give consent if they are passed out, nor can they give (…)