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Incels are the New Nice Guys?

*Before we jump in*

I haven’t written on this website in a very long time, and while it’s true that I’ve genuinely been very busy these last couple years with my job, I’ve also become much more aware of my privilege and some blinders that I’ve had in respect to that, and I’ve had trouble in thinking about how to move (…)

Throwing Shade at 50 Shades

  It’s taken me a long time to work out what I wanted to write about “50 Shades,” and to be honest, I still don’t know where to begin. I have so many issues with the story and its popularity, but for now I’ll touch on three things in general.

1) The movie, judged simply as a movie, was fucking terrible. (…)

Today in “I Can’t Even”

In doing research for my next video, which will be about depression, suicide, and the stigma around mental health, I stumbled upon something else that was depressing. About a year ago, 16 year old AJ Betts Jr. killed himself. This was after a year or so of being outed as gay and getting bullied, constantly. And fuck all, we haven’t (…)

We should all be feminists. Yeah, you too.

So last week I was alerted by a few different people about this new article  with women listing reasons why they didn’t need feminism. Pretty much immediately, the thread on one of the posts exploded with angry comments from my friends. I decided that while I would indeed do something with this as requested, I needed to wait until the day I (…)

So, this Dean Saxton fellow is great

Hmm. Other titles I considered for this entry included:

* “Hey fellas, here’s one way to ensure you never have sex”

* “hoochy bodicon dress ≠  asking for rape”

* “Check out this motherfucker.”


Guess which one was my favorite. Alright, so today I read about this asshat, Dean

Yup. It says that.

Saxton, a student at UA and self-proclaimed “street preacher” who decided to (…)

Positively Pessimistic

So, ever since Pope Benedict the XVI chose to resign last month in a historically shocking move, the world has been waiting with baited breath to see who would be chosen next. Or, some of the world anyway.

For me personally, I’ve just been doing a lot of eye rolling. I tuned out a few weeks ago when I was listening (…)