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Texan or not, don’t mess with women’s health!

*Hey, I finally updated my author page!

As promised, I’m writing more about what took place in the Texas legislature last week. I regret not posting this sooner, but work is occupying a lot (most) of my time these days!

I’ve spent time poring over a bunch of articles I’ve read about the topic, and I’m amazed at how much I’m simultaneously (…)

Good Morning!

Well, today I began to cry before even finishing my bowl of cereal. Thankfully, it’s because I’m overwhelmed with joy. In the last 10 hours some amazing things have happened.

  Senator Wendy Davis of Texas successfully filibustered an unconstitutional, anti-choice abortion law. Women in Texas, and everywhere, deserve access to safe abortions. I’m so thankful we have people like Davis (…)

Plan B!

So, the Obama administration finally decided to act right and reversed their decision attempting to require a prescription for women 17 and under to get the Plan B pill to prevent pregnancy.

There are so many misconceptions about Plan B, and it’s detractors (my lovely friends on the right) don’t care to acknowledge facts about the medication.

So, mini crash course on (…)

ObamaCare in 90 Seconds

Republicans have wasted millions by trying to reverse Obamacare 37 times. What are they fighting against?


You can judge a society by how it treats their most vulnerable citizens, and this will help to ensure that all Americans get the care they deserve by having access to AFFORDABLE healthcare. Also, it will reduce the deficit, and force insurance companies to compete (…)

Souvenirs and Swag

This is pretty much an introduction into the various blogs I’ll be writing inspired by my trip to CLPP (pronounced “clip”). See what I did there?

Get an idea for what is to come as I go through all my fun CLPP swag, stuff like fake clinics, my thoughts on mainstream porn, reproductive rights and religion, abortion as a historical practice, (…)

CLPP: Initial Reflections

Hello! I’m happy to report that as I’m typing this, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and it is just over all a wonderful day.

I came back from CLPP very late Sunday night, feeling positively overwhelmed. Positively. My heart feels completely full. My brain is fluttering with ideas; there is so much to write about. Despite the cost and (…)

Full Circle

Wow. Almost exactly three years ago I was in this exact position, about to talk about the same thing. Of course I’m a little bit older, and I absolutely feel a lot wiser.

I’m at Hampshire College for the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference (CLPP)  which is all about reproductive freedom, social  justice, and sexual rights.

Three years later, Ashley (…)

More Shenanigans

So, an Alabama representative, Mary Sue McClurkin has introduced a bill that would create even more restrictions on abortions than there already are in Alabama, under the guise of making them safer for women.

The argument? “When a physician removes a child from a woman, that is the largest organ in a body,” McClurkin said in an interview Thursday. “That’s a (…)