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Here We Go Again

 So, it was a thing this week when Kaley Cuoco said she wasn’t a feminist. By that I mean, a lot of people had stuff to say about it. Which pleases me, because I like that people get called out for misusing words, especially the one that defines me a lot.

As for what Cuoco said? When Redbook asked if she (…)

A Word About Bill Cosby (but mostly words about rape culture)

Before we begin with the subject at hand, full disclosure, I have never been a fan of Bill Cosby. I’m not okay with a bunch of the racist stuff that he’s said

It took a lot of willpower to not use a rude meme here.

over the years that completely ignores systemic, institutionalized racism and blames black culture for inequality.  I’m especially (…)

All Hail Queen Bey



That would be Beyonce, one of the most bankable, influential women in the world right now, at the very mainstream VMA’s, standing in front of the word FEMINIST in giant white lights.

That’s all. 🙂


Can Katy Perry please catch on next?

It is almost embarrassing how excited I felt after reading this article about Taylor Swift. I’ve been annoyed by Taylor for ages now, despite feeling a certain kinship that I wrote about a few years ago. Her new video was an eye roller to me, what with the whole perpetuating racist stereotypes about black women’s sexuality; crawling under them as they twerked (…)

Open Letter to Seventeen Magazine

To Whom it May Concern:

While I haven’t had a subscription to your magazine since I was in my teens (presently in mid 20’s), a recent Facebook post from a friend has driven me to write this to you. Angered by a recent article of yours, and after seeing she wasn’t the only one,  she asked us to participate in a letter (…)

Miss America!

The Miss America pageant was on Sunday night, and no, just like the Miss USA pageant, I didn’t watch it. In fact, I can confidently say that the last pageant I watched with any real interest was when N*Sync performed at the Miss Teen USA pageant, and unless they do that again, I’m probably not going to watch.  And yet, (…)

“What Rhymes with Hug Me?” *It isn’t F*** Me.

Alright. I’ve been trying to avoid blogging about the whole Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” song, the controversy, everything around it, because I talk about consent A LOT as it is, but since Miley breathed new life into the whole thing after their interesting VMA performance, I guess I have to give some thoughts.

Because of the way I think, it is (…)

I Can’t Hate on Miss Utah!

While I didn’t watch the Miss USA pageant, like a lot of people, this morning on Facebook I became acquainted with Miss Utah, aka Marissa Powell, and her awkward answer to a question during the interview portion of the pageant.

Admittedly, it was extremely painful to watch. The cheers of the crowd when she had already butchered the answer might of (…)

Sunday morning

I’m running through my Sunday morning ritual of drinking coffee and web surfing when I find this gem about Katy Perry and Chief Keef.

A few days ago Katy tweeted “Just heard a new song on the radio called ‘I hate being sober’ I now have serious doubt for the world.”

Apparently Keef is super sensitive, and angry, and, you know, hates (…)

Obligatory Oscar post

Alright. We did the Grammy thing a couple weeks ago. I pretty much live facebooked my thoughts the whole time, but alas, I didn’t get sucked into watching the Oscars. But of course the internet was all a Twitter about a bunch of different stuff, so here are some conclusions I’ve drawn from the aftermath:

1) Jennifer Lawrence is seriously awesome. (…)