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Today in “I Can’t Even”

In doing research for my next video, which will be about depression, suicide, and the stigma around mental health, I stumbled upon something else that was depressing. About a year ago, 16 year old AJ Betts Jr. killed himself. This was after a year or so of being outed as gay and getting bullied, constantly. And fuck all, we haven’t (…)

Good Morning!

Well, today I began to cry before even finishing my bowl of cereal. Thankfully, it’s because I’m overwhelmed with joy. In the last 10 hours some amazing things have happened.

  Senator Wendy Davis of Texas successfully filibustered an unconstitutional, anti-choice abortion law. Women in Texas, and everywhere, deserve access to safe abortions. I’m so thankful we have people like Davis (…)

January Rising

Good evening! A few weeks ago a good friend of mine posted information about this really cool January Rising fundraising campaign, so that a friend of his could get gender confirmation surgeries. Unfortunately the insurance world is still living in the past, so this would not be covered. I don’t know January but I’ve been really touched by her bravery (…)

Happy Thoughts

Almost the weekend!

Here are a few things I’ve seen in the last week that have made me super happy. While I plan on diving in to some more sobering stuff next week regarding reproductive rights and that whole sexual violence thing, I think it’s important to include some fluff too 🙂

1) John Legend is a feminist, and thinks all of (…)

Marriage Equality

Exhausted, got home around 11 tonight, but this is such a huge day for equal rights and I wanted to make sure I did my part. I care so much about marriage equality and we really have power to make this happen.

Below are links to some amazing organizations fighting for marriage equality, learn how you can help!

Human Rights Campaign

Marriage Equality (…)

No Clever Title

Alright. So, I started writing something about this whole Steubenville rape situation, and then I stopped. I’ve decided to make a video instead, and it’s going to get VERY real and serious, and we’ll just see what happens.

But tonight, I’m exhausted. It’s been an insane work week, and I need to continue to gather my thoughts so when I record (…)