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Keep on keepin’ on

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. I’m presently relaxing in my flannel jammies, munching on biscotti and sipping on some yummy wine. While waiting for dinner to be ready (in the grand tradition of Christmas Eve my mom dismissed me from the kitchen pretty early in the evening) I was scrolling through Facebook and found this cool (…)

Open Letter to Seventeen Magazine

To Whom it May Concern:

While I haven’t had a subscription to your magazine since I was in my teens (presently in mid 20’s), a recent Facebook post from a friend has driven me to write this to you. Angered by a recent article of yours, and after seeing she wasn’t the only one,  she asked us to participate in a letter (…)

Miss America!

The Miss America pageant was on Sunday night, and no, just like the Miss USA pageant, I didn’t watch it. In fact, I can confidently say that the last pageant I watched with any real interest was when N*Sync performed at the Miss Teen USA pageant, and unless they do that again, I’m probably not going to watch.  And yet, (…)

Good Morning!

Well, today I began to cry before even finishing my bowl of cereal. Thankfully, it’s because I’m overwhelmed with joy. In the last 10 hours some amazing things have happened.

  Senator Wendy Davis of Texas successfully filibustered an unconstitutional, anti-choice abortion law. Women in Texas, and everywhere, deserve access to safe abortions. I’m so thankful we have people like Davis (…)

Some good news. . .

After the previous director of the program was himself arrested on charges of sexual assault (meh), a new woman has taken over the position. Wooh!


Tomorrow night I’ll be posting about Plan B, so stay tuned 🙂

Madam President, has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

So, EMILY’s List rolled out a new campaign, “Madam President,” working to get a woman in the white house.  The video for the campaign is pretty amazing.

If you aren’t familiar with EMILY’s List,  it’s an organization that works to promote pro-choice, Democratic women, and get them into elected office. If we are to have our issues addressed, it is imperative (…)


Alright. I saw this video a week or so ago and need to share because it is totally rad.


So yeah. I mentioned this in my initial video about this topic, but let me reiterate. Consent is NOT the absence of no, but the presence of yes. A person cannot give consent if they are passed out, nor can they give (…)

January Rising

Good evening! A few weeks ago a good friend of mine posted information about this really cool January Rising fundraising campaign, so that a friend of his could get gender confirmation surgeries. Unfortunately the insurance world is still living in the past, so this would not be covered. I don’t know January but I’ve been really touched by her bravery (…)

Happy Thoughts

Almost the weekend!

Here are a few things I’ve seen in the last week that have made me super happy. While I plan on diving in to some more sobering stuff next week regarding reproductive rights and that whole sexual violence thing, I think it’s important to include some fluff too 🙂

1) John Legend is a feminist, and thinks all of (…)