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My Breakup with ModCloth

Let’s be honest. It can be really tacky to air your relationship laundry out in public. But since my ex has been talking a lot, I needed to say my peace.

RIP Winston. The poster pup passed away recently <3

I have to say, I really didn’t see this day coming. We start off relationships with the best of intentions, and (…)

Here We Go Again

┬áSo, it was a thing this week when Kaley Cuoco said she wasn’t a feminist. By that I mean, a lot of people had stuff to say about it. Which pleases me, because I like that people get called out for misusing words, especially the one that defines me a lot.

As for what Cuoco said? When Redbook asked if she (…)

I Can’t Hate on Miss Utah!

While I didn’t watch the Miss USA pageant, like a lot of people, this morning on Facebook I became acquainted with Miss Utah, aka Marissa Powell, and her awkward answer to a question during the interview portion of the pageant.

Admittedly, it was extremely painful to watch. The cheers of the crowd when she had already butchered the answer might of (…)

An amazing call to action for men (from a man!)

If you’re a dude you should watch this. Period.

I think one of the most powerful points he made for me was about the language we use and how that informs our privilege. When we hear about gender, or race, or sexual orientation, we automatically hear women, black, or gay. This is what it means to have privilege. Men don’t see (…)

Cupid’s Chokehold (and being a Violent Femme)

I was supposed to go to dinner with some of my work ladies tonight, but plans fell through. No yummy Japanese food after all! So instead I accidental napped; planned thirty minute nap turned into five hour nap which is fine because I probably needed the sleep.

In any case, I decided to spend the rest of my waking night reading (…)