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Plan B!

So, the Obama administration finally decided to act right and reversed their decision attempting to require a prescription for women 17 and under to get the Plan B pill to prevent pregnancy.

There are so many misconceptions about Plan B, and it’s detractors (my lovely friends on the right) don’t care to acknowledge facts about the medication.

So, mini crash course on (…)

Some good news. . .

After the previous director of the program was himself arrested on charges of sexual assault (meh), a new woman has taken over the position. Wooh!


Tomorrow night I’ll be posting about Plan B, so stay tuned 🙂

An amazing call to action for men (from a man!)

If you’re a dude you should watch this. Period.

I think one of the most powerful points he made for me was about the language we use and how that informs our privilege. When we hear about gender, or race, or sexual orientation, we automatically hear women, black, or gay. This is what it means to have privilege. Men don’t see (…)

So, this Dean Saxton fellow is great

Hmm. Other titles I considered for this entry included:

* “Hey fellas, here’s one way to ensure you never have sex”

* “hoochy bodicon dress ≠  asking for rape”

* “Check out this motherfucker.”


Guess which one was my favorite. Alright, so today I read about this asshat, Dean

Yup. It says that.

Saxton, a student at UA and self-proclaimed “street preacher” who decided (…)

Souvenirs and Swag

This is pretty much an introduction into the various blogs I’ll be writing inspired by my trip to CLPP (pronounced “clip”). See what I did there?

Get an idea for what is to come as I go through all my fun CLPP swag, stuff like fake clinics, my thoughts on mainstream porn, reproductive rights and religion, abortion as a historical practice, (…)


Alright. I saw this video a week or so ago and need to share because it is totally rad.


So yeah. I mentioned this in my initial video about this topic, but let me reiterate. Consent is NOT the absence of no, but the presence of yes. A person cannot give consent if they are passed out, nor can they give (…)

Condoms, Chlamydia and Consent!

Hey y’all. So, in my tired stupor last night, I didn’t realize I could fix my upload issue with a simple change in the YouTube settings.

So, as I had said before I had held myself back from writing about the whole Steubenville rape story because I felt that my anger about the whole thing prevented me from talking about sexual (…)


Seriously. I just made a 40 minute video, which was essentially a recorded version of a presentation I would give for SVVA back in the day. And, sadly, YouTube is raining on my parade because a video can only be 15 minutes max, and I have no idea if it is even possible to split a video into various parts. (…)