About Me

Hello! I’m Jessica Rabbid; feminist, activist, and cupcake enthusiast. I love to write about current issues and pop culture from a feminist perspective.

I began this website almost a year after graduating college. While I was an AmeriCorps*VISTA and doing what I could to make the world a better place, I needed more feministing in my life.

My main goal with jessicarabbid.com (my baby, really) is to help people become more aware of the sexism that is pervasive in our world, and give a damn enough to do something about it.

I’ve had many life experiences that color the way I see things, and my education (formal and otherwise) has helped me to contextualize it all. I’m not interested in merely preaching to the choir, but really getting people who didn’t know they cared or had a stake in these issues to get up and sing with me. (Oh, there is also a fair amount of cheesiness from time to time.)

My blogging style is casual and personal. I share some very personal stories because I think people connect more with issues when they aren’t discussed only in theory. I don’t  update this with as much timeliness as news blogs because a) I like reflecting and contextualizing, not just reporting that something has happened and b) I work full time and simply don’t always have the hours or energy to update as frequently as I’d like. Oh, and I’ll swear a lot from time to time, because when discussing issues of sexism; domestic violence, sexual violence, media literacy, eating disorders, etc. I tend to get fired up. I hope to get y’all fired up to.

Again, thanks for visiting. Enjoy browsing through my past entries; I hope to help you learn something, perhaps think of issues from a different perspective, and of course, inspire you to have some amazing discussions with the people in your lives, and work to create change in your own way 🙂