Well here is another reason to shop ModCloth


"Work in Finesse" dress, one of my favorite ModCloth purchases,

“Work in Finesse” dress, one of my favorite ModCloth purchases.

For the last few years I’ve been positively obsessed with all things ModClotha fashion company with one of its headquarters in my own city of Pittsburgh. Thanks to ModCloth, every single day I can successfully channel Joan from Mad Men, or my personal fashion soul mate, Zooey Deschanel. As I type this, I’m actually wearing their “Luck Be a Lady” dress, and feeling pretty damn adorable.

As if their beautiful clothes and amazing return/exchange policy hadn’t already hooked me as a customer for life, this new reason has absolutely done it. ModCloth is the first fashion company to sign this Anti-Photoshopping Pledge. What the pledge pretty much says is that it will not photo-shop images of models, and if they do they will have it noted on the image so that people know what they are looking at is an edited image.

We easily take for granted that EVERYTHING we see in magazines has been edited and worked in post-production for hours. Flipping through magazines, it is impossible to mentally engage with EVERY single image we see and be able to really note that what we are seeing isn’t what is real. We see over 3,000 advertisements a day, our brains can’t keep up!

This is especially concerning for young girls (and young boys) who grow up seeing these images, without being able to really pick them apart. There is plenty of  research showing the negative effects of this type of false advertising.

This is an issue that has already picked up steam in other places around the world. The UK passed, and enforces a photo-shop ban, and it looks like our turn may be next. The Truth in Advertising Act of 2014 was introduced last month in congress. While this isn’t a magic bullet to ending our culture’s obsession with unattainable physical “perfection” (and you can bet there are reasons why the ideal is what it is) it is definitely a good step towards combating images that encourage disordered eating and self esteem issues.

Regardless of whether this passes, I feel really proud that a company I believe in so much is leading the way in this

"Dance Around the Bloom" heels, and "After the Rainstorm" dress :)

“Dance Around the Bloom” heels, and “After the Rainstorm” dress 🙂

campaign by signing the pledge. As a consumer, I love that I put money into a company that offers sizes for ALL women. When I flip through my app everyday, it is very cool to see such a diverse group of ladies chosen to model all the clothes. With the reviews of their pieces every shopper is encouraged to post, every woman becomes a ModCloth model. I can see which things will fit me best, because the first reviews shown are by women who are similar to my size, so I’ll have a good idea of what will look good on my figure. I love it!

The strategy is brilliant. Rather than seeing a bunch of aloof models on the website, on ModCloth you’ll find an awesome  group of women, in various colors, sizes and shapes rocking their personal style and smiling triumphantly into the camera as they show off their new sweet purchases. On the flip side, the real ModCloth models are also very diverse, and it is a comfort to know that their images are just as real as the ones I post when I write a review, albeit with way cooler hairstyles than mine and a MUCH better camera.

So while I spend a lot, possibly too much on my ModCloth swag, if that is my biggest vice (and coffee!) I think I’m doing alright. While I’m feeding my fashion addiction I’m also supporting a company whose ethics and philosophy I’m totally down with, and as Carrie Bradshaw said, “I like my money where I can see it; hanging in my closet.”