Good Morning!

Well, today I began to cry before even finishing my bowl of cereal. Thankfully, it’s because I’m overwhelmed with joy. In the last 10 hours some amazing things have happened.

wendy  Senator Wendy Davis of Texas successfully filibustered an unconstitutional, anti-choice abortion law. Women in Texas, and everywhere, deserve access to safe abortions. I’m so thankful we have people like Davis out there not willing to give up, even in environments where it isn’t so easy.

We also just found out that SCOTUS has found DOMA unconstitutional (still gaywaiting on Prop 8 ruling.) We still have a lot of work to go, state to state, but this IS progress!

I have to run to get ready for work, so the analyzing and celebrating will have to happen later, but damn, mornings like these are what I live for!