An amazing call to action for men (from a man!)

If you’re a dude you should watch this. Period.

I think one of the most powerful points he made for me was about the language we use and how that informs our privilege. When we hear about gender, or race, or sexual orientation, we automatically hear women, black, or gay. This is what it means to have privilege. Men don’t see themselves as gendered beings, and most straight people have never actually asked themselves the questions gay people are asked all the time, like “when did you know you were gay?”

Aside from that, I do think it is MASSIVELY crucial that more men speak out in their circles of friends when they hear something sexist, and to in general just start questioning our social paradigms. It means so much more to men, coming from other men. I dislike that reality, but it is what it is.

Also, men who are brave and secure enough to take a stand are pretty damn sexy.