Condoms, Chlamydia and Consent!

Hey y’all. So, in my tired stupor last night, I didn’t realize I could fix my upload issue with a simple change in the YouTube settings.

So, as I had said before I had held myself back from writing about the whole Steubenville rape story because I felt that my anger about the whole thing prevented me from talking about sexual violence effectively.

And then I realized, oh wait, I’ve been legitimately certified to talk to groups about sexual violence. I’ve in fact done just that countless times in front of groups ranging from 5-100+ people.

So, I ended up pretty much giving my signature SVVA presentation from memory, along with adult Jessi insight. As I alluded to last night, this is hands down the most personal, serious thing I’ve ever posted. Shit’s about to get real.

So, grab some popcorn, or watch in segments (this was initially meant to fill a class segment so it’s almost 40 minutes long) and be prepared to think 🙂

Alright. This is meant to be a jumping off point for other articles surrounding sexual violence, especially how it is portrayed and treated in the media. You now know my vantage point, and hopefully learned something.

I really, really, want this to encourage some positive, educational discussions. If anyone would like to discuss this more with me personally, with any comments or questions please hit me up on facebook!

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