No Clever Title

Alright. So, I started writing something about this whole Steubenville rape situation, and then I stopped. I’ve decided to make a video instead, and it’s going to get VERY real and serious, and we’ll just see what happens.

But tonight, I’m exhausted. It’s been an insane work week, and I need to continue to gather my thoughts so when I record tomorrow night you’ll have something cohesive to watch.

So, in the mean time, before I take you into super serious stuff tomorrow, here is some happy news!



These are new mannequins in a boutique in Sweden. They are much more realistic, obviously, than what we see in most stores.

Mannequins absolutely terrify me. I’ve worked at a lingerie store and regular women’s clothing boutique, and it always freaked me out to have to work with them, their detachable parts, their faceless heads, and bodies in general that seemed trapped in hunger. Trippy, right?

I think the reason for why the mannequins are so small, and perhaps fashion models in general is because there is little variety, so designing clothes is easier, because a blank canvas is easier to use. Also, if the mannequins are rail thin, you’re actually checking out the clothes, rather than the body forms. Just my personal theory!

So, these mannequins make me happy, because they look healthy, I feel reflected in them, and it is nice to see what the clothing might look like on more average women. Hopefully these will start trending here.

Next! I read this little article last week and it made me very happy. A young boy taught his class about Harvey Milk during their civil rights unit, and all of the students were very receptive to the information and gave awesome feedback. This makes my heart feel fluffy, and it gives me so much hope despite the homophobia we’re still fighting every day. Harvey Milk is a hero to me, for so many reasons.

I highly recommend the movie “Milk” starring Sean Penn and James Franco. It inevitably causes two things to happen every time I watch it. 1) I cry, hysterically. I cry a lot. Not a couple tears, I’m talking full on waterworks, for a good 15 minutes. Because it is so tragic that he was taken away so senselessly, and there was SO MUCH that might be different now had he not been murdered. 2) I get so inspired and pumped up to engage in activism. There are STILL things we need to fight for and using what time and energy and resources I have, regardless of how much that might be right now to try to make things better makes me truly happy. harvey-milk-180x180

And, since I’ve been doing this in my videos lately, we’re going to end with some amazing quotes.

“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.”

“All men are created equal. Now matter how hard they try, they can never erase those words. That is what America is about.”

“I know that you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you…And you…And you…Gotta give em hope.”

So there we go, back to the serious stuff tomorrow!


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