What Would Jesus Do?

Lately every time I read the news I get very sad followed by incredibly pissed off. The latest story I read like this was yesterday when I learned that a nun in Phoenix, Arizona was excommunicated from the church. Why? Because she participated on an ethics committee at a hospital and made a decision that would save a woman’s life. A case arose where a pregnant woman suffered pulmonary hypertension and doctors agreed that if the pregnancy continued she would almost certainly die. Because of this, the ethics panel recommended an abortion.

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted announced her excommunication from the church and went on with some hooplah about how babies can’t be treated like diseases and that in this situation the ends did not justify the means.

Wait. I need a moment.

What the hell! This makes absolutely no sense. Obviously, the baby itself wasn’t the disease, but due to her preexisting disease, continuing the pregnancy would kill both the mother and the fetus. Where is the compassion in that? That is not a rhetorical question. Seriously, someone tell me where it is.

Now, I’m all about being pro-choice, so obviously me and Bishop Misogyny will have vastly different perspectives on the rights of women (me believing that women should have autonomy over our bodies, and him thinking, you know, not that). That being said, I think that Sister Margaret McBride did the correct Christian choice when she recommended abortion. How about we compare scenarios.

We deny this woman an abortion, simultaneously condemning her and her baby to die. She dies, no doubt creating a world of anguish and pain for her family and loved ones.

Option Two; We grant her the abortion. The fetus dies, but because of this the woman lives. Maybe she can try again to have children some day. Maybe she can adopt a baby and give it an amazing life that she would never have been able to give her aborted baby. She has the chance to not only live her life, but also to still be a mother.

Hmm. I wonder where Jesus would stand on this issue.

McBride was very brave in making her decision. She must have known this decision could endanger her position in the church but she stood strong and made the ethical choice.

I hope this is a wake up call for women who vote anti-choice. This shows that a lot of people in power do not care about your well being at all. They would sooner have you and your baby die than allow you to make an informed decision about your health that could save your life.



  • Saracen

    She’s likely better outside the church if such an organization cannot reason similarly to you.

  • Jessica RabbidAuthor

    Perhaps that is true, but that is very dangerous for the countless women who are in the church. It should be concerning for any woman in the church to know that those in power, depending on the situation, do not care about their well being.

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